Great Escape Nursery Progress

Great Escape Nursery is well under way as a business.  A few more forms to file with the state of West Virginia and we will be ready to sell propagated plants in 2016!  We will add pages to this site over the course of the next few months in preparation for our “virtual grand opening” in 2016.


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  1. Congratulations Todd! What a beautiful website you built! I am so proud of you and look forward to enjoying Great Escape Farms with you for years to come. All my love always, Tricia

  2. Well thank you so much for your continued support!
    Love, Todd

  3. Saw your post over at the Regenerative Agriculture group on FB. Site looks great! I’m excited to see the plant list when it comes out. What zone are you growing in/for? Planning on shipping nationally?

    • Hi Brian. Thanks for the kind words. On Great Escape Nursery I have lists of plants that I will sell. I will be sipping across the continental US. Also, If you sign up for the email list at Great Escape Farms / subscribe page, I’ll send you a PDF with 164 annual and perennial plants along with sources to purchase them.

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