We Are Now OPEN!

We Are Now OPEN!

We Are Now OPEN!

Just hold your mouse over the “Plants for Sale” tab and then select the plant you are interested in.


Great Escape Nursery GRAND OPENING will be This Morning at 10AM Eastern Time!

40% off discount codes were mailed shortly after midnight to those on the email list.  If you signed up for the email list after mid-night, we will send the 40% off discount code to new email subscribers at 9AM Eastern time today!  If you did not receive your discount code and should have, please check your spam folder and if not there send an email to [email protected] and I’ll send it to you direct.

20% off discount codes have been posted on our Great Escape Farms Facebook page.  If you use that code, please like our Facebook page.  It helps our search engine rankings.

If you have any problems with orders or other issues with the site today, please email or call.  I am standing by to help with any issues.


The people that have supported us by signing up for our email list will receive a special discount coupon later this week as a thank you for you support.

The plants that we will be offering are listed below and I hope to have pricing posted by Sunday night:

Adams Elderberry .

Aronia Viking .

Autumn Olive .

Butterfly Bush – Purple .

Crape Myrtle – Pink .

Goji Berry .

Korean Bush Cherry .

Muscadine (2 varieties – More details coming soon)

Nanking Cherry .

Nova Elderberry .

Rose Hedge (link with details coming soon)

Rose of Sharon – Double Purple .

Sweet Scarlet Goumi (link with details coming soon)

Weigela – Red Flower .

Weigela – White Flower .

Great Escape Nursery GRAND OPENING

Great Escape Nursery GRAND OPENING

Please provide comments on the Great Escape Nursery GRAND OPENING will be February 27th at 10AM post by commenting below.


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