The Autumn Olive tree or bush bears edible fruit and is a nitrogen fixer. Rooted Autumn Olive Plants For Sale at Great Escape Nursery This plant can not be shipped to AK, CA, CT, HI, MA, NH, WI, VT, WV, or outside the US.  Please note these plants are grown in our MD nursery and not our WV farm.

Autumn Olive Plants For Sale at Great Escape Nursery

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Autumn Olive Plants For Sale at Great Escape Nursery

Autumn Olive Plants For Sale at Great Escape Nursery

Autumn Olive Plant Information

Autumn-Olive (elaegnus umbellate) also known as Autumn-Berry, is a deciduous shrub that can grow into a small multi-trunked tree reaching as high as 20 feet. The leaves are a grayish green and looks as though it has scales on the bottom of the leaves. The leaves are about three inches long and very narrow measuring only about one inch wide.  It is often used in forest garden design to assist in repairing soil as the food forest garden matures.
Autumn Olive has tiny flowers in the spring that give way to berry fruit in the late summer and early fall. The flowers are fragrant and the plants are self-fertile. As they sit on the bush they get softer, sweeter, and less astringent. The birds and small mammals like the berries as well, so don’t wait to long to harvest. A single bush can produce 20 to 70 pounds of fruit.

Plant Specifications

These plants are hardy down to USDA zone 3 can be found growing in southern Canada and the majority of the United States. This is a drought tolerant plant that can grow in full sun or partial shade, but does prefer well drained soil. It also does well on the edges of forests, hillsides, and abandoned fields. Birds like the fruit and propagate the seeds. This is a very hardy plant and is usually not bothered by deer. Some view Autumn Olive as a noxious invasive weed.

Autumn-Olive (elaegnus umbellate)

Fruit ripens late summer and early fall. The autumn olive is native to Asia and was introduced to North America in early to mid 1800s.

Autumn Olive

Autumn Olive Plants for Sale

A picture of one of our rooted Autumn Olive is displayed above.  This is one of our larger rooted Autumn Olive plants. Please note that this plant was picked at random and the other plants may have roots smaller or larger than this plant.

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